At this point, I was looking through Google Maps to find coffee places.  Cafe Vendome was somewhat close to where I work, so I went there before my shift started.  I decided to get an espresso, since I have yet to have one.

Even with one packet of sweetener and a bit of half and half, it was still extremely potent and bitter.  It was something that can instantly make you alert.  The image that came to me was a bit more detailed than normal:  me, hanging in a bamboo cage while Tiki coffee bean people (think those coconuts from Moana, except coffee beans) continuously poke their spears at me.  It was a type of strong I was not used to, and I was glad it came in a little cup.

As I am running out of places to visit with unique brewed coffee, and when I realize how much money I spend on coffee each week, I’m dropping my excursions from two to one a week.


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