Before paying a visit to my granny in Alpharetta, I decided to look around the area for another coffee house.  Mugs on Milton was the first thing that popped up on my online search, so I headed there.  I was originally interested in trying the French press, but it was too expensive, so I got a medium roast drip with the usual.

It was nearly identical to the coffee from Hodgepodge and Spiller Park.  For once, two images came to mind.  The first was the usual:  jungle with trees that grew coffee beans the size of papayas.  The second was a river of wine in South America.  I’ve never had wine before, but the idea was there.  After several more sips, I found that the taste was slightly burnt.  Those little things are what barely separate this coffee from the others.

Why is it that these coffee houses are starting to have the same tasting coffee?  It’s like getting the same prize from different capsule machines.  Are they all buying the same blend from the same company or something?  If so, then I’m going to have to expand the varieties of coffee I can get on my list.  I’ve already started with that almond milk latte from the last visit; I just have to avoid the syrups and sugars, still.



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