Today I went to Ponce City Market in search of fun times and good coffee.  I found two coffee places in the food court:  Revelator and Spiller Park.  This was a set up for a Double Feature on my Quest for Coffee.

For Revelator, I decided to try pour over coffee.  It took some time, but watching the process was like watching a chemistry experiment.  It was bold and brought an old sense to my mind.  The image that came to me was a basement coffeehouse styled like a neighborhood bar.


Spiller Park had flavors from Ethiopia and Kenya, and they were pricey.  I went with the cheapest one, Gedeb from Ethiopia.  I went with the pour over, since the last one went well.  I found that it was the same as the coffee I had at Hodgepodge:  same flavor, same image.  I mean, it was still good, but it disappointed me because I could get the same thing at Hodgepodge for cheaper.

So, I found that pour over coffee has more intense flavor.  I think I’m one step closer to finding out what makes a good cup of coffee.


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