A friend of mine saw that I was on a quest for good coffee, so he invited me to HodgePodge.  We each had our own coffee while we chatted about life in general; he had a latte and I had drip with the usual.

It started off bitter to me, but the taste got better with each sip.  Bitterness turned to boldness; it almost had a wild quality to it.  The image that came to me was that of a jungle with coffee beans as large as papayas hanging off the trees.  One of these days I have got to start drawing out these images.

I believe I might be back on track with finding unique and meaningful coffee.

Oh, and I’ve got news!  So, my favorite Food Network chef, Alton Brown, has plans to open a coffee shop in Marietta.  No one knows when it’s going to open, but I feel like it’ll be the ultimate highlight of my Quest for Coffee.  Someday, someday.


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