Months before I started on my Quest for Coffee, I was browsing interesting stores and came across White Windmill.  They advertised on their chalkboard sign a “Dutch” coffee that “any coffee lover would love” (paraphrasing).  It also said that it had been brewed for at least 12 hours.  It costs almost $6, but it was a limited time item.  I checked back today and saw that they still had it.  I decided that I would pay the $6, since it wouldn’t be around forever.

What I didn’t know right off the bat was that it was iced coffee.  However, it was still black, so I’m still counting it as drip.  Besides, the ice works for this summer time heat.  I added the usual and gave it a taste.

This…was probably the strongest coffee I’ve tried in my life.  The taste lingers in the mouth for several minutes.  This coffee was meant for the extremely tired that want to get an extra strong adrenaline boost for the day (or night).  Hours later, my heart is still feeling the effects of the caffeine.  Now I have to wonder:  is there a connection between the length of brewing time and the amount of caffeine in the coffee?

Because of the strength of the Dutch coffee, plus the fact that it was iced, the image that came to me was this:  a lone individual suffering from cardiac arrest on top of a frozen lake during a blizzard at night.  How can I convey that into a drawing?

I’m personally not one for iced coffee or coffee of that strength.  I think I’ll look into Atlanta’s caffeine beating heart for my next episode of…Quest for Coffee!  (In a dramatic echo.)


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