So, I’ve kind of fallen out of my Cooking Experiments.  The drive has dwindled, and anything I’ll post will only be the successful ones.  I feel like I need something else to pursue.

It started when I was drinking my coffee on one morning.  I thought:  “There are loads of coffee places out there, big and small, corporate and independent.  Out of all the types of coffee out there, which is the best?  Which coffee is actually meaningful?  Which one is ‘more than just coffee’?”

So, as of two days ago, I began my own “Quest for Coffee”.

My area of search is limited to the state of Georgia for right now.  I’ll search for the best coffee houses and try their drip coffee.  I say drip coffee because I don’t want any sugar/syrup blends to interfere with the raw taste of coffee.  Granted, I can’t drink coffee black; I’ll add cream/milk and Splenda (or any other sweetener that’s not sugar; then again, I don’t always come across Stevia or Truvia) to mine.

I’m no expert on coffee, mind you, but I do want to find a memorable cup of coffee.  I’ll visit where I can, take notes, and post my thoughts here.


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