My first stop on my Quest for Coffee was Rev Coffee Roasters.  I found it by Googling “best coffee in Atlanta”.  I will check the others on the list at a later date.

I got a cup of light roast drip coffee, plus cream and Splenda.  I sat down outside and I took my first sip.  The taste was bold, and I knew I had taken my first step into the world of meaningful coffee.

It was also strong, with an underlying flavor to it (and that was just the light roast!).  It was not the type of coffee you could just order from the drive-thru and chug it down mindlessly while driving to work.  No, this is more like the type of coffee you would get when you sit down to study or work on your laptop.   The boldness and strength forces you to take single gulps at a time.  Because you’re taking gulps, you actually get to savor the flavor of the coffee.

When I drank it, it brought images of a blue mountain to my mind.  Sometimes, drinking certain things conjures artistic images, or brings back certain memories.  For example, drinking a good green tea brings the image of bamboo groves in my head.  This coffee in particular made me think of blue mountains, for some reason.

It’s also giving me the strong compulsion to draw it.  Maybe I should do just that one of these days.  Either way, Rev’s drip coffee was a good start in my Quest for Coffee.



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