I am very careful about disclosing my trans status to certain individuals.  It wasn’t an issue with my family:  they love me for me.  I tell  some friends and coworkers, and they respect my wishes to be identified as male.  So far, I have not received any backlash or hate words.  In fact, when the people I tell aren’t totally accepting, they are curious.

This is a good sign, I think, for individuals as a whole.  Instead of rejecting the idea of differences in people, they are curious about them.  They want to know what it’s like for me as a tranmale.  They want to know what goes on in my head; how I view myself.  Each time people ask me about my status, I feel like I’m in an interview.  I can see it now:  “Interview with a Transman:  A First look into the Mind of One Born with an Opposite Brain”…or something with a less lengthy title.  I don’t mind, though.  I’d like for people to understand me and the trans community in general.  After all, understanding is a step towards acceptance.

However, unlike most individuals, I came out lucky.  95% of my family is accepting of me, which is a given since there have been gay and lesbian members for a long time.  They love me not as a man, woman, or something outside of it, but as a person.  I have also been cautious as to which people I disclose to…but I’m just repeating myself at this point.  To sum it up:  I can’t really speak on behalf of everyone in the trans community.

While others are curious about me, I am also curious about myself.  I’ve read that those born trans have brains that correspond to the gender they identify as.  I have no doubt that I have a male brain (and the extra testosterone from PCOS helps out), but what I’m curious about is how my brain looks under a scan, since I’m both trans and autistic.  Somewhere out there, I think there are doctors that are curious as well.

So, if anyone has any questions about my status, feel free to ask, but keep it nice.  I will answer to the best of my ability.


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