At times, crazy ideas for cooking experiments will pop into my head.  For a time, these ideas were fruit combinations.  I thought “You can bake apples and pineapples, so why not both at the same time?”  So I tried out baked apples and pineapples.

I chopped up a pineapple into bitty pieces and sliced two apples and cored them with a spoon.  I put the pineapple bits into the hollowed-out spaces and baked them at…oh, what was it…400-425F?  Around there, for 45 minutes.

My first mistake was not peeling the apples.  I would cut into it with a knife or fork or spoon, only to have some slight difficulty cutting through the skin.  The second was thinking that the flavors of the pineapple would infuse into the apples.  The third was not adding any spices.  Still, they’re delicious, especially when they’re right out of the oven.

At that point, I had a lot of fruit leftover, so I decided to try something different.  I chopped the rest of the apples into bitty pieces and put them and the pineapple into a glass baking dish.  I added 1/2-1 cup water to the pan and sprinkled cinnamon on top.  Again, 400-425F, but for 25 minutes.


The result was tastier than the previous version.  The cinnamon was a good choice of spice and there was a delicious apple/pineapple/cinnamon juice at the bottom of the pan.  I shared it all with my coworkers and they liked it.

Still, it was a lot of fruit, and I won’t make this again unless there’s a party or something.  Might be a good Christmas treat if it’s served hot.


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